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The proceeds of the auction will be evenly split between those two organizations. 


"This project, which was begun by La Marzocco in Tanzania in 2007 along with partners Hemro and Probat, was born with the aim of training its members on the origins of coffee and on improving the livelihoods of the local population residing near the Songwa plantation. It also brings attention to the intricacies of the coffee value chain, to the people who work there, and to the raw material without which the equipment produced by the three leading companies in the sector wouldn’t exist. Today, while maintaining its initial goals, we seek to give the project a greater identity by making it independent of the various economic realities to which it was previously linked.

The Hands for Songwa Foundation uses funds for the construction and renewal of local infrastructure (for example, the construction of wells and school buildings).



Outride is a NGO dedicated to improving the lives of youth trough cycling.


Bicycles have the power to make lives better beyond winning races — they bring people and communities together, motivate us to become better humans, and help us take advantage of what the world has to offer. At Outride, we are committed to breaking down barriers so that all kids have access to bicycles and safe places to ride. We believe that bicycles not only have the ability to improve the health of our youth, but also bring the power of opportunity, agency, and freedom to those who have access to the power of two wheels.

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